Our FAQs

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So…what is self-storage?
Self-storage is an affordable, efficient way for you to store your life's possessions. Self-storage makes it easy to store items of all shapes and sizes in one convenient storage location.
How do I use it?
Self-storage at Sunshine Storage and U-Haul Rental can be used for many purposes:
• As an extension of your home; a place to store seldom used items
• To store seasonal items such as decorations or sports equipment
• As a business storage solution to de-clutter your office
• To free up garage space so you can actually park your car in it again
• And many more!
What's the difference between office hours and gate hours?
The office hours are the hours of operation when a Sunshine Storage and U-Haul Rental professional/manager will be available to assist you with your storage needs or moving and packing supplies. The gate hours are the hours your rental unit can be accessed using your assigned electronic gate code.
When can I access my unit?
You can access your unit 24 hours/7 days a week as long as your account is in good standings.

What is the difference between an indoor and outdoor unit?
Indoor units are located inside of a building referred to as Climate-Controlled. Outdoor units are non-climate controlled and have drive-up access.

What is a drive-up unit?
A drive-up unit is an outdoor unit that has its own loading area. These units are ideal for storing large, heavy items or equipment as you have the ability to load your belongings directly from a vehicle or truck into your unit. They are non-climate controlled.
How do I get my items to the unit?
Our location has extra wide drive aisles, allowing your rental truck or movers easy access to your unit. We offer FREE push carts and/or dollies at many our facility. We recommend contacting one of our helpful professionals/managers to check on rental truck, push cart and/or dollies availability.
Which programs or associations is Sunshine Storage a part of?
Sunshine Storage is a member of both the Self Storage Association, as well as the Self Storage Association of Louisiana.
Do you have moving carts available?
Push carts and or dollies are available for use at the facility.

How can I reserve the Move In Truck?
Please contact the professional/manager at Sunshine Storage and U-Haul Rental. A reservation maybe required with a deposit before renting the moving truck.
What is a roll-up door?
Roll-up doors are very similar to garage doors and are accessed by sliding a latch and lifting the door upward. Roll-up doors are the most common door in self-storage and are bigger than most doors allowing tenants to maximize the space of their unit.
What is climate control?
Climate control is a feature that we offer at our facility. Climate controlled storage units are temperature controlled so your treasured belongings are not exposed to extreme temperatures. Our climate controlled facilities are housed in an indoor finished building where dirt and dust are less likely to penetrate. This type of environment is ideal for storing furniture, photographs, discs/records, electronics, and other items.
Do you offer parking for the storage of RV/boat/car/motorcycle?
Our facility offers parking for the storage of RV’s, boats, cars, and trailers.

Can I buy boxes and other packing products from your facility?
Yes. We offer a wide range of packing and moving supplies to make your move stress-free. Even better, we offer all of these great moving supplies at very affordable prices. We also have available mailing/shipping supplies.
Do I get a lock when I rent a unit?
You provide the lock ensuring that you, and only you, have access. You can purchase a new, sealed lock at our facility. No one else will have a key to that lock. We want to ensure the highest level of security. We highly recommend the purchase of a disc lock, also known as a cylinder lock.
Can anybody drive onto this property or do you need a PIN number?
Our facility has an electronic gate system which can only be opened by a code that is assigned to each individual tenant.

How far in advance can I book a reservation for the moving truck and/or unit?
We give you the flexibility to book a reservation up to 45 days in advance to help you plan ahead.

What are the payment terms?
Sunshine Storage and Uhaul Rental wants to make your storage experience a stress-free experience, including paying your bill. We offer the convenience of “Auto-Pay”, where your MasterCard or Visa credit card is automatically charge on your due date.
Do you accept credit cards?
We accept two major credit cards, MasterCard® or Visa®.

Do I need insurance for my stored goods?
Tenants are not required to have insurance on their possessions. However, Sunshine Storage and U-Haul Rental assumes no responsibility for stored items at our facility. Check with your insurance agent about obtaining your individual coverage.

What kind of documentation is required to rent a storage unit?
One of the following forms of identification; state issued identification card, drivers license, passport, or military ID.

Do I need to give you a notice when I am ready to move out?
A 10 day written notice is required prior to vacating the unit.

What sizes are available and how do I pick my size?
We offer a wide range of sizes to accommodate all of your storage needs. Sunshine Storage and U-Haul Rentals has unit sizes ranging from 5x5, or 25 square feet, to 10x30, or 300 square feet. We also have 14x40, or 560 square feet, usually considered a RV unit. Determining the size of your storage needs is easy with the help of our Online Size Guide. If you need further assistance, ask one of our facility professionals/managers who are trained to assist you in this process.
How do I know what size I need?
Create a list of the items that you are going to be storing. Choosing the right size unit will ensure that you only pay for the storage you need. Visit our interactive size guide to determine exactly what size you will need, and then check out our helpful tips for maximizing your storage space!
How long do I need storage?
Sunshine Storage and U-Haul Rental recognizes the need to move your items out when the time is right. Our month to month rentals give you the flexibility to choose just how long you require your unit. Need more helpful tips? Please call one of our helpful self-storage professionals at our facility 225-685-1005. Sunshine Storage and U-Haul Rental offers storage, service and solutions guaranteed to meet your expectations.